Are you alone out here? What are you doing so deep in the jungle...

So, you want to be a programmer? I’ll give you are stepping stone chest of secrets. First of all, identify a rudimentary programming language that you can learn the fundamentals. I would recommend JavaScript. Get yourself set up with a good editor like brackets, sublime text or notepad++. I would also recommend working on a UNIX based operating system, it’s far much easier to use.

Learning how to program can be very intimidating and it’s a norm for programmers to flaunt their vast number of programming languages…fear not young padawan! Chop down the work into small blocks and absorb them each at ago and you’ll get to have some bragging rights soon. Another nugget to programming would be to Do It Yourself. You have to try and fail, then try again, like riding a bike. Last thing I’ll leave you with, get yourself as many resources for each programming language as you can, especially the documentation, it’s a gold mine to the language.

Challenge yourself:

Go for the famous Hello World, make sure you can get a user’s name like so:

        hello <user's name>,
        Welcome to Hello, World!

Well, go forth and code. May the force be with you!

Written on May 4, 2016