A world of objects.

Object Oriented Programming, what technological wizadry is this? Programming languages have evolved since they first came into light. They have moved from low level language, which were tediously written blocks of code in binary and assembly languages. Quite yobish…but stellar for that age. Then came the high level languages, the likes of C, COBOL, Ada and BASIC.

So, why should I take you on such a journey into history? I just want to show you where programming has come from. How people programmed in the past. in the 1960’s the concept of Object Oriented Programming was developed. As opposed to procedual programming, where you would right functions and modules for anything that would happen in your program, Object Oriented Programming took a different direction. You create an object, let’s take a car as our object, and create attributes and behavior for it.

Attributes would be such as color, drive train, make, year of manufacture and so forth. Behavior would be as stop, drive forward, reverse and start engine. Each instance of a car would have all these attributes, thus we do not have to code them for each instance of the car that we have. Easier right? Many object would build up a whole program.

The soul of Object Oriented Programming then is in fact the Object itself. Brain racking eh. Just remember…in functional programming, you have to code every single detail of your program, be it repetitive. Object Oriented programming, well, create objects that have behavior and attributes and make instances of that object.

Try to grasp the object concept as much as you can, and as always…live long, and prosper!

Written on May 11, 2016