Editors, what can't they do?

Writing code is like making poetry, not writing, making. There is an art to it. This then means that you need the best tools to make the best symphony of syntaxes, but let’s not get carried away…first things first, you need a good editor.

An editor is a just a program where you can type out your code in an orderly manner. What then constitutes a good editor. Editors these days are custom built to the language you want to code on them. A good example would be the Eclipse editor, built only for writing java programs.

Get yourself a good set of editors, again, in reference to the language. Personally, I prefer Adobe’s Brackets for HTML/CSS and JavaScript, Netbeans for Java, Pycharm for Python. They also come with a handful of extensions like git for version control and Emmet.

Get editors that speed up your code for your benefit. Godspeed!

Written on July 4, 2016