What is that, is it a bird, a plane? No, it's ExFAT

It’s been a while, eh.Let’s veer away from programming for a second, moving stuff, especially from one OS to another. File systems are a pain in the neck and you might have to format your external drive every time you need to use a different file system, which also doesn’t guarantee its use.

So, what do we do? Microsoft mostly uses NTFS which is read-only on Mac, Mac on the other hand uses something that sounds like it is used to make a hydrogen bomb. You can already see the nightmares…luckily, however, there came FAT32 which can take on both operating systems. The catch is that it has a 4GB limit especially on Mac, which can make you reap a few things.

Then came a sigh of relief, a breath of fresh air. exFAT. This system supports both operating systems and has no limit. All you have to do is format your external drive in the exFAT format and the headaches are gone.

Don’t be stupid, come to the exFAT side…

Written on August 28, 2016